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A Broader View Volunteers, the leading US Specialist in Volunteering Opportunities across Latin America, Africa and South East Asia, is a family run non-profit organisation that has been operating for over 10 years and prides itself on its excellent customer service, knowledge and dedication to helping worthwhile and sustainable volunteer projects.

A Broader View Volunteers can tailor-make once in a lifetime experiences for volunteers - who will travel to incredible destinations to help with Wildlife Conservation projects, Medical, Teaching and Orphan Care placements or Marine Conservation initiatives.

Opportunities include:

  • Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica volunteer as an intern for 12 weeks, animal rescue in Guatemala with native animals working side-by-side with the veterinarians.

  • Working alongside qualified medical staff in hospitals, clinics and on community outreach programmes to bring vital medical care to people in Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Uganda, Tanzania, Nepal, India.

  • Under staffed Orphanage, Child Care, Street Children programmes need your help to take care, play, an educate children from 0 to 12 y/o in Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Ghana, Zambia, Nepal, India.

We also offer Language immersion lessons (Spanish, Swahili, Nepali) in Latin American countries, Tanzania, Uganda, Nepal while you are volunteering you will have lessons in the afternoon.

Review: "I think this was a great way to take my first trip abroad! Working with ABV gave me reassurance that I would be safe when going to another country, and it was very helpful for my family to see their webpage / FB page to know that I was going with an established organization I liked being able to stay with a host family and take Spanish lessons to refresh my memory. I had a great time here in Guatemala and can't wait to travel more!" Lauren Newcomb

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