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What about spending your gap-year in the city of the Renaissance, studying Italian, Art, Music, Dance or simply exploring and learning about the Italian culture? Accademia Europea di Firenze is a Liberal and Performing Arts School. At AEF we are committed to providing our students with an experience of academic excellence and of authentic immersion in the Italian way of life.

Italian Language

Lessons in the morning and a full calendar of activities in the afternoon: cultural immersion is the key to learning, practicing and perfecting the Italian language.


AEF is a home to performing artists in Firenze, providing opportunities for musicians to practice their crafts in professional environments. Our Music courses address Classical, Opera, Modern and Jazz music, Vocal and Instrumental techniques.


Through the partnership with Florence Dance Center, AEF offers its dance students extensive opportunities to perform in prestigious venues around the city. As a result, our school harbors a community of artists, who play an important part in Florence's community of creatives.

Art and Design

Beauty is everywhere in Florence: AEF provides its students with a creative environment of rigorous technical level, while connecting them with the unique cultural resources of the city, to prepare them for careers in the artistic fields or support them in accomplishing their own passion.

Italian Studies and Culture

Italy is synonymous with style, art, cooking, fashion, cinema... and much more: students can gain in-depth knowledge of the sectors that have made our country famous worldwide, by getting to know them from the inside and visiting the sites, manufacturers, craftsmen and professionals.

Courses are offered on a Semester basis (Study Abroad or a Bachelor-Level Semesters) but are also available in the Winter and Summer Terms as well as in tailor-made programs.