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ConsularAssist, powered by Consularcare, the world’s first global consular services provider, brings peace of mind, expert advice, and emergency help to Gap Year travellers. From a short-term crisis to a complex catastrophe, our team, run by experienced Embassy-trained staff, helps students, holidaymakers and all other types of travellers stay safe and healthy by reducing the risks, stress and costs attached to overseas travel.

Miles from Mum, Moments from Help

Whatever happens, wherever you are, the ConsularAssist team is only ever a phone call away. Because your call will be answered by a consular-trained expert, you will receive up-to-date, accurate advice to help you deal with your problem. Whether you have lost your passport, been arrested or been a victim of crime, you will not be alone. We will provide the support and guidance you need to get the best possible resolution, as quickly as possible. Our emergency assistance is available in over 180 countries, and our advice line is available worldwide.

Isn’t that what my government provides?

Many people wrongly assume the government or their insurance company will help in a travel emergency but often they can’t or won’t. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is under no obligation to provide consular assistance, and reduced budgets have unfortunately resulted in restricted manpower. ConsularAssist addresses the growing deficit in consular services previously provided by the FCO.

But it won’t happen to me!

When it comes to travel, the world is changing, and you can’t afford to be blasé about the risks involved. Our round-the-clock global support helps ensure your backpacking, volunteering or other travel adventure is a positive experience. Not one you’d rather forget.

By purchasing ConsularAssist from just £89.95 or £119.95 (excluding VAT) for annual membership, you can travel, secure in the knowledge that in the event of a crisis, expert help is only a call away.

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