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"If you fancy a summer that you'll never forget, these guys offer the perfect opportunity to spend your it in the sunshine on a SERIOUSLY fun, working holiday. Get your name down fast though as places are often booked up months in advance"

Overview of PlayaWay Abroad

Fancy a working holiday in one of Europe's hottest and craziest destinations this year? PlayaWay Abroad provides a complete package for young party people to work abroad. Including Accommodation, Work, Airport Transfers, Help Finding Cheap Flights and the Experience of a Lifetime! PlayaWay have helped over 16,000 people have an experience of their lifetimes over the past 10 years - get in touch with them now and live the dream!

Available destinations: Ayia Napa, Ibiza, Zante, Malia, Tenerife and Magaluf.

How does it work?

Imagine a life in the sun - beach by day, party by night, with a little fun work thrown in to pay the bills and meet new friends. There really is no reason to settle for just a week in the sun then a harsh return to reality. Make it an extended stay - you never know, you might just stay forever!

From the moment the PlayaWay Abroad reps meet you at the airport, they're committed to sorting out everything you need for a fun time working in any of their available destinations.

PlayaWay Abroad will help you get a job, working behind a bar, in a restaurant or ticket selling, to name but a few.

PlayaWay Abroad will help set up a bank account if necessary, so you can send and receive money and even save a little while you're in resort!

PlayaWay Abroad will invite you to a beach welcome party where you'll meet others who have decided to live the dream the PlayaWay!

PlayaWay Abroad will give you one months' accommodation without any bills, then if you want to stay on, they'll also help you find further accommodation, either sharing with new-found friends or on your own.

PlayaWay Abroad will introduce you to the lively resort, show you the ropes, tell you where to go to pay local prices on food and drinks, not tourist prices.

PlayaWay Abroad will hook you up with instant friends, people who have trodden the same path or like you, are about to embark on the best working holiday of their lives.

PlayaWay Abroad will provide emergency help at hand 24/7 with experienced and knowledgeable reps so you, and your parents back home, know you'll always have someone to turn to no matter what you need.

PlayaWay Abroad run working holidays in Ibiza, Zante, Tenerife, Malia, Ayia Napa and Magaluf between the end of March till the end of October, bringing 17-30 year olds in groups of 12-15 to the resorts every week.

Bar crawls, fancy dress, beach parties, meals out, pool parties and booze cruises are organised during the first few days so you can meet new friends, get to know the reps and the island and generally chill out before starting jobs in Tenerife.