My gap-year in Australia was "the best travel experience I’ve ever had!"

Posted on 21st Dec 2016 in Australia, OzIntro, My Gap-year

Amber writes about her gap-year with OzIntro which "ticked all the boxes".

I had always wanted to go travelling, but kept putting it off. After leaving university I finally decided to it was time to stop making excuses and just go for it!

There were more than a few factors that led me to choose Australia for my gap-year. It’s a huge country with endless places to explore and things to do; with sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, vast deserts and quirky cities.

I decided to look into booking OzIntro, as it was highly recommended to me by a friend. After further research into different companies I decided to choose them for a number of reasons. At that point I had no idea how to go about moving to another country, so having my visa, bankcard, phone and health care all sorted out for me by OzIntro was very appealing! I had also never travelled alone before heading to Australia, so a group tour with the opportunity to make a bunch of new likeminded friends was a massive plus!

My first week with OzIntro ticked all the boxes for giving the perfect introduction to Sydney and my gap year in Australia. Some of the highlights included a jet boat ride around the harbor, my first surfing lesson, a day at the famous Bondi beach, incredible views at the Blue Mountains and of course getting the chance to meet some koalas and kangaroos! On top of all this my group leaders Benny and Shaun helped me to sort out everything I needed to live and work in Australia for a year, making my first week in Australia completely effortless.

After just one week together I had already made some amazing friends and half of us decided to spend the next six weeks travelling the East Coast of Australia together. OzIntro organized everything for us, once again making it really easy and stress free. They had lots of packages made up and pre-planned the whole trip around what we wanted to do & where we wanted to go. It was definitely the best travel experience I’ve ever had & I managed to cross more things off of my bucket list in those 6 weeks than I imagined would take 5 years to do!

I have already learnt so much from travelling and can say with confidence that leaving home to explore the world was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

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