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Posted on 27th Jan 2017 in Mondo Challenge Foundation, India, Nepal, News

MondoChallenge Foundation tells us about their Himalayan Schools Programme 2017

MondoChallenge Foundation has been working with schools in NE India and Nepal since 2005. Our support is wide-ranging including funding new buildings, paying salaries, sponsoring students, teacher training and organising inter-school competitions. Volunteers have been part of the programme since the beginning and have contributed enormously to our success.

Last year we launched a new school improvement programme. Hirsh Cashdan and Ruth Worswick, both Mondo trustees, are heading this initiative. Hirsh has extensive experience of the Indian education system and the challenges faced by schools in the regions where we work. Ruth is a UK headteacher. Together they led a series of workshops last summer in India, introducing a simple evaluate-plan-review cycle. The evaluation criteria were decided by the Indian headteachers, who identified their key aspirations for their pupils and from these, what provisions the school needs in place in order to achieve them.

Initial results are positive and we now plan to extend this system to Nepal in 2017. The school-evaluations will help to develop self-sustainability in the leadership of our schools and improve the quality and effectiveness of our support. We would love to have qualified teacher volunteers in both Nepal and India to work alongside the staff in our schools to help roll out this ambitious programme.

To learn more about working in our schools or our Quality Education approach, you can contact Ruth on ruth.70@hotmail.co.uk or Hirsh at hirshcashdan@gmail.com.

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