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Are you thinking of a Gap Year with a purpose? Gap Years are not only fun, they are also a great opportunity to gain practical experience and start your dream career. A Wildlife Conservation Adventure will be a fantastic experience for anyone who loves animals and the outdoors, but if you are planning on a career that involves working with animals you will also be able to pick up some real life skills.

You can choose your project depending on which role you can best see yourself in: If you are dreaming of a career as a vet, you could assist an experienced wildlife veterinarian. Or maybe you are drawn to hand-rearing infant animals in one of the wildlife rehabilitation centres? If you are thinking of studying zoology or ecology or see yourself as the next David Attenborough, you can work with game rangers and wildlife researchers, tracking and monitoring some of Africa’s most iconic species.

Whatever your option, African Conservation Experience have opportunities all year round, for placements of 2-12 weeks duration.

"I have heard from both vet schools that I applied to, and I got in!! Not only was my experience at Care For Wild one of the most enriching experiences that I have ever had, but according to the admissions councils, it was apparently one of the deciding factors on my application!"

Adrian Helmers