Big Cat Travel Insurance


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Big Cat specialises in affordable worldwide travel insurance for Backpackers, Adventure Travellers and anyone on a Gap-Year. Our policies are specially designed to offer cover up to two years and be flexible enough not just to include the essentials but also some added benefits too, such as:

  • Home visits covered: For those taking out insurance for more than 4 months, we allow you to put your travels on hold and return home at any time, even if it’s not necessary or you’re just a bit homesick. We have no limits, so you can be back for as long as you like.

  • No return ticket required: You don’t need to know when you’ll be returning home to get cover. So if you’re on an open-ended trip, or emigrating, we can cover you.

  • Working while abroad: Non-manual / clerical work is covered for free, if you'll be volunteering, WWOOFing or partaking in any sort of manual labour, our Activity Pack can cover you.

  • Cover for 120+ activities: Whether you'll be scuba diving, jet skiing, bungee jumping, sky diving, trekking above 2,500m or kayaking, our Activity Packs can cover all levels of adventurous sports.

  • Get Cover if already travelling: You don't need to be in your Home Country to get cover, you can buy a policy from anywhere in the world, as long as you're residential status is still in the UK or EU. Just follow the Quote form on our website to get a price and complete your purchase.

  • Extend cover from overseas: If at any point you realise you're not quite ready to return home, you can extend your insurance to include the remainder of your trip – even if you don't have a policy with us.