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Why not meander round the Piazza della Repubblica enjoying the sunshine, before visiting the Uffizi, in Florence? How about a jog along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice or a tour of the Forbidden City in Beijing - not as a visitor just passing through, but as a language student. Be the person who gets to know the locals, explore off the beaten track, frequent the markets, discover the nightlife, experience the festivals, chill out at the beach and participate in daily life with the people who live there.

Do all this AND learn the language...

Learn to use it in everyday conversation (as a beginner you can reach a good conversational level within a few months), if you've already studied a language, you can significantly improve your skills and if you are prepared to work hard, you can perfect your language to a level of fluency impossible to achieve unless you live in the country and experience the culture, first-hand.

CESA Languages has over 40 language schools on offer in countries throughout Europe, Morocco, Latin America, Russia, China and Japan, giving you the opportunity to learn any one of a rich array of languages with native speakers, whilst being taught by professional tutors in high quality language schools, in incredible places.

We have used our wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure that we offer you the best programmes in first class schools around the world. With CESA Languages you can be sure that you will get the best language courses at competitive prices. You can learn a language with us, whatever your current ability, from beginner to advanced ability, gain some serious qualifications (if you want to) and make lifelong friends into the bargain.

Make the most of your time this Gap Year with CESA Languages and benefit from the combination of language learning in class with golden opportunities to practise your new found language skills, whilst having an amazing time, in fascinating locations.