Istituto di Lingua e Cultura Italiana Michelangelo


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Michelangelo Institute

Founded in 1975, the Institute is open all year round, welcoming students of all nationalities who wish to begin, improve or perfect their knowledge of Italian.

The Institute is housed in Palazzo Gherardi, a XV century building in the old sector of Florence, in close proximity to the National Museum, the National Library, the Church of Santa Croce, and the House of Michelangelo.

Living Language and Culture

Traditionally, the Institute has always offered its students every opportunity to make themselves at home with Italian life and culture. Besides regular courses, visits to museums, concerts, excursions, movies, dinners in restaurants, visits to markets, and evening entertainment are organised by the Institute staff, who gives a special attention to student 'get-togethers'.


  • The Italian Language courses, offered in six levels, all year round, enables the progressive learning of Italian.

  • The Specialisation course, is thought for teachers of Italian, to those in possession of the Michelangelo Diploma, and to those who, having complete mastery over the language, wish to take a 'refresher course'.

  • The One-on-one courses, offered in several 'options', are addressed to those who must reach a good level of Italian knowledge and fluency in a short time.

  • The Art History course outlines, analyses and offers an historical overview of the Italian artistic heritage.

  • The Italian Culture courses are a wide range of subjects to be examined under the guidance of teachers specialised in the various fields proposed.

  • The Art Courses are totally practical in nature, inviting students to develop and to improve their artistic aptitudes in our wonderful ateliers.

  • The Italian Cooking course is a pleasant and interesting way to learn about our culinary culture and to prepare some of the most typical dishes from the rich Italian gastronomic tradition.