John Hall Venice


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The John Hall Venice Course is an epic gap-year experience and one that you will never forget. It is a nine-week introduction to some of the finest and most thought-provoking achievements in the Western world, from the classical past to today.

There are lectures and visits by a team of world-class experts and the course includes painting, sculpture, architecture, music, world cinema, literature and global issues. There are practical classes in studio life drawing and portraiture, as well as classes in photography, Italian language and cookery.

The course consists of a week in London, six weeks in Venice, a week in Florence and a week in Rome. The heart of the experience is Venice - to be in the historic and uniquely beautiful city of Venice, living more like a resident than a tourist, is a life-changing experience.

Students come from around the world - UK, America, Africa, Europe and Asia, creating a cosmopolitan collegiate atmosphere that leads to friendships and connections for life. There are many privileged private visits throughout the course, including an unforgettable night visit to St.Mark's in Venice.

The John Hall Venice Course gives a foretaste of a university style of living and learning. It will leave you with not only some lifelong friendships, but also with a seriously improved CV.