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Proud gold medal winners of "The Best Volunteering Organisation", at the British Youth Travel Awards 2016 and 2014 (and awarded silver in 2015 and 2013).

For quality, ethical volunteer and internship placements that are individually matched to make the most of your skills and interest, Kaya Responsible Travel is a leader in the field.

With over 150 projects in 28 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America, Kaya's expert team of advisors can identify an immersive, supported and sustainable project that is the right fit for you.

Sign up to projects from 2 weeks to 12 months, working with local people on issues affecting their communities and environments.

Kaya conservation initiatives include wildlife sanctuaries, breeding programs and habitat research, marine conservation on coral reefs, fair trade sustainable agriculture, reforestation and many other projects improving and protecting the environment and animals of the world.

Community initiatives include work with English teaching, child-care, sports development, women's empowerment, building, cultural restoration, all areas of health, therapy and medical work and much more.

Kaya have volunteers from 16-80, from all around the world, joining projects all year-round, travelling as individuals, with friends, groups and even as a family, always matching each volunteer to a project that is right for them.

Whether you join a volunteer or an internship placement, the structured program offered by are an excellent way to help build your CV, while taking part in something truly worthwhile.

To make your gap travels really count, Kaya offer you a world of choice, so you can make a world of difference on your journey, whilst discovering the real cultures in the heart of local communities. Contact the Kaya Placement Advice team to find the best project for you.