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Adventure Guide Internships in New Zealand

Pure Exploration offer exciting 12 week outdoor adventure guiding internships in Queenstown. Featuring climbing, hiking, kayaking & much more, interns will graduate with world-recognised outdoor guiding qualifications, real job experience & a job offer for a kiwi tourism operator.

On our internship, you’ll find yourself on the top of the highest peaks, meandering down enormous glacier-driven river valleys, exploring new golden sand beaches by kayak, hanging from enormous rock faces with your new mates supporting you all the way. New Zealand’s diverse and spectacular outdoors will be your classroom, with lessons on leadership, new outdoor skills and strategies to help in every area of life.

You’ll also complete world-recognised outdoor adventure guiding certifications and gain a front line adventure tourism job offer in legendary Queenstown!

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The DREAM adventure internship. Industry. Destination. Value.

Pure Exploration also offer a fantastic internship for people interested in

complete their academic internship in style OR to help gain nab that dream job in Queenstown. It will not only includes work experience, but the it also preps you with ALL the skills you'll need to succeed in the industry and get those pay checks rolling in!

The real value in our internship is our 3 week NZ Immersion Tour, in which you'll travel the South Island learning about the culture, history, geography, tourism and natural resources, you'll also get specific sales and marketing training to help you gain the on-the-job operational skills required, and you'll get to experience all the best Queenstown adventure activities, so you can explain and encourage others to try them. This all happens before your work experience starts, making you the ultimate kiwi tourism expert right from your first day! That's right, doing a bungy is actually part of your training!!

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What makes Pure Exploration different?

We are everyday Kiwis, helping you have extraordinary experiences. Real travel isn’t just about box-ticking guidebook recommendations or Instagram shots, it’s about authentic experiences spent with new friends who inspire you to think about the world and yourself in new ways.

Our aim is to help young people develop all the skills necessary to attack their goals in life and have confidence to move forward into their next level of education or employment.