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Feel the thrill of swimming with a whale shark, the excitement of spearing the invasive lionfish, and the satisfaction in helping the marine environment. Reef Conservation International (ReefCI) offers an all-inclusive diving and marine conservation gap-year experience on a private Caribbean island in Belize. ReefCI trips are a unique opportunity to protect the reef ecosystem by directly participating in our ongoing marine conservation projects! The diving is incredible and the conservation work we do is meaningful!

ReefCI is an exceptional opportunity to learn about coral reefs and marine species and to help protect and conserve this precious resource while having a fun gap year adventure. Our trips are for both certified divers and those who wish to become certified. We certify new divers on the island, so everyone contributes regardless of their background and experience. The majority of people who volunteer with us are passionate about coral reefs, the ocean, and marine life and want to do their part in protecting it. Our volunteers are the change they wish to see in the world and ReefCI makes that possible.

ReefCI is a non-profit marine conservation organization and has been protecting our oceans for over 12 years. ReefCI is a fantastic way to experience real world conservation efforts, while having an unforgettable journey! You will get hands-on experience in marine conservation work and gain real world insight on what it is like to work in the field of marine conservation.

Come to our private Caribbean island for a gap-year experience of a lifetime! Reserve your spot at