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Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

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Become a Climate Activist in the Caribbean

There is no doubt that Climate Change is hitting poor countries the hardest.

Saint Vincent is one of the poorer island nations in the Caribbean and one of the world's most disaster prone countries.

Global Warming means longer periods without rain. Only 7% of the farms in St. Vincent have irrigation systems. Water reservoirs need to be built and water conservation measures need to be taken to secure food production in the future.

Climate Change means more flooding and hurricanes. In 2013 extreme weather hit St. Vincent and left thousands without public water, with heavy destruction of roads, bridges and houses and left hundreds in shelters. The damages from 2013 disasters alone equaled 17% of the small developing island nation's GDP.

Climate Activists with Richmond Vale Academy stand side by side with the poor and plant trees to prevent landslides, keep rivers and drains clear to prevent flooding, start organic home gardens to promote food security and teach people how to be more prepared for Climate change.

Join a 6 months intensive program with studies, courses and actions to make the small island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines ready for Climate Change meaning energy, food and disaster secure.

Study and Teach Organic and Perma Culture techniques * Organize Tree planting Campaigns * Stop Pollution * Protect Biodiversity * Create Organic Homegardens with families.

Experience community living, cooking, cleaning, harvesting food, garden farming and develop skills needed to become a self-sufficient leader who can do anything he or she puts her mind to. Train to become an environmental activist who is able to take a stand to the future of this world.

The volunteers come from all over the World with different ages and background ranging students taking a gab year, environmental engineers, lawyers, carpenters etc.