5 Unique and Unusual ways to Save up for a Gap Year

Posted on 9th Nov 2018 in Advice

A gap year is an adventure. Probably the biggest one you’ll have in your life, before diving back into the world of work and paying bills!

Speaking of finances…

To make that dream a reality you’ve got to save. And it’s recommended you start doing so immediately, to make those accounts as healthy as they can be.

There are all kinds of ways to save, many of which are pretty obvious. But have you heard about the not-so-obvious ones? The unique and unusual ways!

Our guide gives you 5 top tips to staying in financial shape while thinking outside the box…

5. Online Surveys

What could be nicer when saving for a gap year than working from home? There are no travel expenses and you can have as many cups of tea as you like.

Here’s a great tip. Even if you don’t stay in your house to work, you can still make money without leaving the doorstep. Welcome to the world of online survey sites.

Online survey hubs like Toluna get you to answer questions, in exchange for extra cash. You can also bag retail vouchers. But it isn’t all ticking boxes.

Some sites offer activities such as watching videos in exchange for financial rewards. It’s a brilliant way of topping up your income as your departure date looms.

4. DVDs and Blu-Rays

Streaming and downloads have taken over from discs as people’s entertainment of choice. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell them on.

Here’s the thing. We’re not just talking about sticking your DVDs and Blu-Rays on eBay. How about those little inserts inside the boxes with an online code?

These can be sold separately. And depending on what the movie is, you could make a few quid off that glossy bit of paper. Also have you heard of the Disney vault?

Disney release lots of discs, but certain titles they ration to increase demand. Buying specific films now can pay dividends down the line when fans are clamouring for them.

3. Wombling

You may not be old enough to remember the Wombles, but all you need to know about them is they made good use of people’s everyday rubbish.

We know what you’re thinking. Handling litter doesn’t sound like a great time. But it can translate into big savings if you’re snapping up supermarket receipts.

They’re all too easily discarded, yet receipts carry unclaimed reward points and special offers that are ripe for the taking once they hit the tarmac!

The only thing we advise is not to be too brazen about it. And don’t crawl round the supermarket car park on your hands and knees or you’ll get run over…!

2. Cut down travel costs

If you do work in an office or factory you have to commute to, then travel costs are a no brainer when it comes to saving. You’ve probably already thought of it.

Rail makes you wail!Train travel in particular can take chunks out of your hard-earned savings. In case you haven’t heard, the 16-25 Railcard is a must-have.

So far, so obvious. However there are unique and unusual ways to cut down on those costly journeys. Even for a gas-guzzling car… yes, you heard that right!

Urban living means you’ll be sitting in that vehicle of yours a while. Why not turn your engine off while you wait? You’ll be surprised what you can save on fuel.

1. Shop smart

Another thing you’ll be doing a lot of in the run up to your gap year is shopping. For one thing, you need food to keep your strength up for the upcoming adventure!

Don’t go with the herd. Shops can be packed out during the day. Picking up your items while the population chills at home is the ideal time to do it, and save as you go.

Quality essentials such as bread are heavily discounted at night, as they’ll just go stale. A discount French stick warmed up tastes much better than sliced bread for example.

Plus the canny shopper will trim bits off veggies so they weigh and cost less. This move takes a bit of front, but why pay for stuff you won’t even use…?