How to Raise Money for a Gap-Year Adventure

Posted on 10th Apr 2018 in Advice

Check out some great advice from Student Money Saver on how to raise money for your gap-year!

Taking a gap year can lead to some of the most amazing experiences with the most interesting people and provide you with awesome memories that will last a lifetime. But affording a gap year is another story, as they usually don’t come cheap. So how can you raise money for your once in a lifetime gap year adventure?

Fundraising and Crowdfunding

Fundraising can be a fantastic way of raising some cash to fund your adventures. However, for people to want to give you money you’re going to have to be planning on doing something pretty extraordinary, either while on your gap year or before you go.

Getting people to sponsor you to do something that, for you, is out of the ordinary, can work, such as walks, runs, cycles, silences. Doing an activity that will cost you very little is best for this type of sponsoring, so that all your donations will go to your cause. Taking part in a sponsored skydive, for example, will likely get a lot of donations but you will also have to shell out a significant amount for the actual skydive.

Holding a fundraising event can also help you rake in extra cash. Here are some ideas:

●Karaoke/disco nights where you can charge a small entrance fee

●Have a pub quiz

●Organise a raffle (try to get local companies to donate stuff)

●Host a tea party

●Host a football game or sports tournament

Crowdfunding can also be a good way to go, as you can raise money for pretty much anything through companies such as GoFundMe. This way you get to tell the world what you’re hoping to achieve on your gap year and how much you’d like to raise. You can then share your page through your social media accounts and before you know it, you’ll be steps away from reaching your goal.

Sell your Stuff

Let’s face it, we all have too much stuff; clothes we don’t wear, gadgets we don’t use. And that’s where you can rake in the cash.

If you’re in your final year of uni, you’ll probably find you have a lot of books that you no longer have use for. Selling your books can be pretty profitable, if you know you’re never going to need them again. Because of the high prices of new textbooks, future students are always going to be looking for secondhand textbooks. Try selling books through your campus or local online marketplaces when people can come and collect them from you, because the cost of posting a heavy book can often leave you out of pocket!

Whether you’re in your final year of school or uni, chances are you’ll have some clothes you don’t plan to wear in a year’s time. Selling clothing on sites like eBay can be a huge boost to your income, especially if you’re selling branded or unworn items. Gadgets, such as phones and tablets can also help bring in the cash. Be cautious with the postage charges on eBay and always make sure you send the items recorded delivery or have them insured, as you will be liable if the item doesn’t make it to your buyer.


If you have a knack for writing and have a subject that you love to talk about then blogging could be the way to go. There are numerous companies and websites that require blogs to be written, or even better, start your own. Once you get your own blog up and running you’ll eventually be able to get advertising on your page, allowing you to cash in when somebody clicks on an advert. Google Adsense is one of the tools that lets you advertise through your website.

The great thing about blogging is that when you’re off on your gap year adventure you can still keep it going, and potentially still make money while you’re away enjoying yourself. And if it’s a blog about your adventure, your friends and family will be able to keep up to date with your exciting experiences and feel like they’re living the dream with you.

Part time Job

Working is certainly a surefire way to make money and there are plenty of part time jobs you could get that will help you raise the cash for your year out. Choosing a job that’s related to your studies or your career path can also help give you experience in your chosen field. On the other hand, there are some jobs that will offer you flexible hours, such as being an Uber driver or delivery driver if you have your own car.

Student sites, such as StudentMoneySaver often have offers and incentives for jobs and a list of other ways you can make money, so you can save up for that amazing year out.