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DownUnder Insurance – The Best Cheap Backpacking Insurance Providers

The most important tip we can offer travellers is to take out insurance with us to ensure they are covered in the event of any emergency whether medical, flight related or a loss of personal belongings. Insurance is a vital part of planning a trip, however it is thought around 1 in 3 young backpackers aged 18-24 travel without it – this is a terrifying thought considering backpackers often participate in high risk adventure activities whilst abroad.

So why choose DownUnder?

Well, besides being having 20 years’ experience in the travel insurance market, we believe our product is one of the best value for money policies around giving you high quality but low cost insurance. Our backpacking, gap year and travelling policies are specifically designed with young people in mind; for example more than 60 adventure activities or extreme sports are covered at no extra cost – meaning you’re protected in the event of injury without having to worry about sky high medical bills. Our list of adventure activities would take even the most enthusiastic traveller some time to complete so as long as what you want to do is on our list and you inform us beforehand you can bungee jump, canoe, horse ride, scuba dive and “zorb” (etc.) to your heart’s content.

When you are young you want to experience as much as possible while you have the time and energy and this often includes hazardous activities which is where travel insurance becomes an absolute essential. According to International Student Insurance, medical cover is the most important part of a travel insurance policy and this is where our 24 emergency service comes in – you can call anytime, 365 days a year for immediate help in the event of illness or injury abroad and our staff will help you out in whatever you need, for example, providing a multilingual service, liaising with doctors or arranging repatriation.

Our policies are also extremely flexible, allowing for that last minute change of plan that can often occur during backpacking holidays as you or a member of your group decides they absolutely must-see a specific landmark or city. All you need is internet access or a phone to inform us of your change of plan and you will still be covered for the new leg of your journey. On top of this, if you choose to extend your trip you can extend your policy with us for up to 18 months as opposed to having to take out a new policy. Our policies also allows you to spend up to 25% of your time travelling in other worldwide destinations outside of those originally covered on your policy. This means for a 12 month policy to Australia, for example, you could spend 3 months travelling outside of Australia and still be covered!

We also provide some of the most affordable policies to cover you whilst working abroad if you so wish to. We cover a variety of work including office and clerical work, retail and light manual work such as fruit picking as standard on our backpacking and gap year policies. Many backpackers find that at some point during their trip money can start to become tight therefore some part time work while you explore a city can be an excellent way of both topping up your funds, gaining work experience and meeting new people.

Many young people like to travel with smartphones, expensive cameras, tablet computers or laptops, even whilst backpacking, we provide baggage cover of up to £1,500 depending on which policy you choose as well as providing an additional extension for high value items to ensure your peace of mind whilst travelling with your valued equipment. We do, however, suggest backing up information and photos whenever possible to avoid losing those memorable holiday snaps in the event of theft, loss or breakages etc.

Another advantage of our insurance packages is that you can remove standard policy excess fees by choosing to take out our Excess Waiver – this is extremely popular as it allows you to simply pay a one-off fee on top of your standard policy price and therefore avoid paying a standard excess for every claim and meaning that you pay nothing, however many times you choose to claim. We also pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and therefore allow all customers a 14 day cooling off period to cancel your policy and receive your money back as long you have not claimed or travelled.

So come on, book that trip of a lifetime you’ve always wanted or that gap year holiday you’ve been dying to take and travel around the world safe in the knowledge you’re covered by one of the best insurance products on the market.