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Whatever form your gap year is going to take, whether it be working abroad, volunteering or travelling, we have a TIP for you.

Our Traveller Insurance Package can provide a sense of relief should anything happen whilst you are away.

With our TIP service, you can make sure someone at home is able to take care of your affairs in your absence. This may even be to transfer some money from your bank if you have lost both your bank card and passport.

Providing a power of attorney to your spouse, parent or trusted friend can help to ensure that they can address whatever they need to on your behalf while you are away, such as:

  • Accessing family finances

  • Paying taxes/receiving tax refunds

  • Organising emergency financial assistance

Also included is a simple will to cover every eventuality should the worst happen.

This service is priced at £200+VAT, but knowing that you will have that security and peace of mind while on your gap year is priceless.

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